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We offer a range of insurance solutions to assist in mitigating risk and facilitating smooth transactions.

Reps and Warranties Insurance

R&W insurance is essentially breach of contract coverage designed to enhance or replace the indemnification given by the seller to the buyer. In short, once the ink has dried on a merger or acquisition deal, R&W insurance covers some of the unforeseen costs caused by any breaches of the seller’s representations, (i.e. customer contracts, employment breaches or financial misstatements). Read More.

Tax Liability Insurance

Tax Liability insurance provides protection for losses incurred as a result of a taxing authority challenging or revoking a previous tax position. Tax Liability insurance can be structured in a variety of ways, allowing for flexibility and unique situations. Pricing and retention are structured on a case-by-case basis. Read more.

Contingent Liability Insurance

Contingent legal risks are known issues that come in a variety of forms, such as pending litigation, a regulatory issue, or challenges arising from a reorganization. They can arise in the context of an M&A transaction or as stand-alone risks with no connection to a deal. The insurance is an efficient risk transfer mechanism that allows the party to ring-fence the exposure. To underwrite the risk, insurers will require that the risk is quantifiable and subject to legal analysis and evaluation. Read more.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental insurance can protect against known and unknown issues related to an owner’s facilities and operations. The coverage is used to facilitate a merger and acquisition closure, or financing associated with impaired properties. Read more.

Due Diligence

The team at Oswald is experienced in navigating all forms of insurance and employee benefits across a wide spectrum of industries. Our dedicated due diligence team leverages our resources to bring a competitive strategy and disciplined process to your approach to risk management. We become part of your team to ensure any pre-closing findings are resolved quickly, paving the way for an efficient transition after close. Read more.