Why we're different

Why Partner with Transactional Risk Advisors?

As a Specialty Broker, we provide a competitive advantage over traditional brokers because our knowledge of the market can be concentrated, refined and leveraged, which is critical to deal execution as M&A activity ramps up.

TRA's specialized approach for this market provides:

Market Readiness

Transactional Risk products is all we do. We have underwriting relationships in place, can identify the right fit for each scenario, and can provide early indications to keep the process moving forward more quickly and efficiently than traditional brokers.

Ability to Educate Marketplace

As the marketplace changes and new Transactional Risk structures are developed, we have the ability to influence new coverage schemes and relay those ideas to the deal community.

Middle Market Focus

The Middle Market is currently an underserved market for Transactional Risk Products. Transactions ranging in size from $10-$250 Million can benefit from Transactional Risk products and solutions can be very flexible and affordable.

Real World Experience

TRA team members have extensive experience in Mergers & Acquisitions. Our combined legal and insurance backgrounds distinguish us from traditional brokers.