Building Resilient Companies Using Human Capital and Risk Management Strategies

Brian Stovsky February 26, 2024

Investors and portfolio companies, particularly acquisitive middle market and lower-middle market firms, have different challenges than in years past. Volatile market conditions, higher costs of debt and competitive acquisition markets have made management teams rethink their growth and retention strategies.   In many cases, these strategies start and end with…

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Four Tips to Reduce Risk in Your Transactions

February 15, 2024

Business transactions can be risky, especially when it comes to mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures. Financial, operational and legal risks have always been a part of the equation, but new trends are coming to light.   Executives must consider how the global business environment and economy will weigh on…

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How to Weave Technology into Your M&A Deal

February 1, 2024

Years ago, mergers and acquisitions were sealed with a handshake. Those involved in the deal met in person and technology was in its infancy.   Times have changed. As technology becomes a bigger part of doing business, there are many more risks to be considered when a merger is in…

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